Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Road Trip

Day 1
Hi! I am currently in a mini van and my parents are driving. Of course the dolls are with me. I realized that the title of this photo story is kind of misleading, because we are on the road, but only for 5 hours and then we will get to our destination. So it would make more sense being called "The 5 Hour Road Trip and The Vacation". But too late. Any way, here is the actual photo story. Robin writes in orange, and Hazel in pink.

Hi everyone! We have been driving already for an hour and it is 10:12. I have been reading a AG magazine and looking at the scenery, while Robin rots her brain playing Candy Crush on her iPad

It's not rotting my brain, it's educating me on the art of crushing candy. Ok so maybe I should be doing something else. But I left my sketch book at home! I would much rather be drawing.
"Any who." I say to Hazel, "maybe we could play a game?"
"Yes! When my parents and I go somewhere we always play a game called I'm going camping and I'm bring a.... then you say something that starts with a, A then the next person says something that starts with a B, but they have to remember the persons item before them and so on." I say to Robin. 
"Sure! I'll start, I am going camping and I am bringing an alligator." 
So we play the game for awhile, but its too much work to right it out so we won't.

The view outside the window. 

Updated: We got to stop in a small town and go over a river on a swinging bridge! I started rocking it 
and Robin ran back to land. 
I did not! I just decided it was time to go back to the van. 
Sure you did. *rolls eyes*

Thats all we have for now, come back tomorrow for more of our adventure. Remember to comment! 
-Robin and Hazel
Note: Sorry for the quality of these photos, I had to take them on my iPad and it's pretty bumpy in here ( :

Day 2/3 
Hi again! We arrived safely. But sorry I did not post yesterday. I was at a music festival all day and the dolls did not come with me. Any way I will let Robin and Hazel take over.

I am still mad at Anna because she left us in a boring hotel room while she stayed out late listening to music! 
Yeah, seriously Anna?! But oh well. The day before yesterday when we got here we basically just got our PJs on and crashed on the bed. 

Yeah. But today we went out shopping. 
And guess what we got!
A Ever After High book and a teddy bear!! 
Hazel- Its so ADORABLE! :D
Anna- I am done with these colours it's so hard on my iPad to do it.
Robin-Ok, Hazel calm down.
Robin- Um, anyway the book is called "A Semi-Charming Kind of Life". The story follows Darling Charming, who is officially my new favourite EAH character. 
Hazel-My favourite is Maddie Hatter. She's so funny. 
Robin-Uh huh, sure. (I am being sarcastic) 
Hazel-You don't need to tell them that. 
Robin-Yes I do because it's hard to show that when your reading. 
Hazel-Whatever. Ok that's all for now. Tomorrow we'll be back and better than ever! 
Robin-Comment, follow us on Pinterest and be awesome! 
-Robin and Hazel

Day 4 
Anna- Hi everyone, notice I am still doing the name before the speech, because yesterday I got mad at blogger and my iPad and this makes it much easier.
Hazel- Hi people! (And hi to any dolls reading too)
Hazel- Today we visited some people from Anna's family. 
Robin- Anna took lots of pictures by the pretty plants.
Hazel- And here they are.

Robin- We look awesome! 
Hazel- Indeed. ; )
Robin- We have to go.
Hazel- Bye!! Come back tomorrow! 

~Anna, Robin, and Hazel

Day 5 
Hello. Today is the last day of "The Road Trip". Here is the "epic" conclusion.
Hi. We are in colour again because we are back on the home computer writing this.
Who cares get to the story already!! We almost died!
Don't spoil it! And we didn't almost die. 
Yes we did. 
That comes later in our day though. First we drove home and
and then there just happened to be an ALLIGATOR! So Robin stupidly tried to prove a point
Hey! I was not stupid!
Fine, but she was trying to prove the point that alligators are friendly if you give them respect and food. But she was terribly wrong and the alligator almost bit off her hand when she was giving it a hotdog! So then we ran into our house, while the alligator was RIGHT behind us!!!! 
 Luckily we got in the front door just in time.
"What happened to you?" Jordan asked.  
We caught our breath and sat up.
   Then Robin told her what happened.
Do you have anything to say about this Robin?
I hate alligators. 
 And that is the end of our road trip. If you read the comments the ending makes more sense. I think the dolls and I had a fun time. Have a great evening.

-Anna, Hazel, and Robin


  1. I would swing the bridge too.
    I'd like to know what purpose an aligator would serve on a camping trip, you know, besides bear defense. : ) seems like he would eat all the hot dogs.

    1. I said the same thing about the alligators! : )

      Alligators are majestic creatures that deserve more respect and more hotdogs!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ooh! Darling Charming! She's so pretty! I can not wait to get the doll, when she comes out!:D
    Hazel and Robin look so cute!:)

    1. Someone agrees with me!

      I guess Darling is kinda pretty...