Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Make A Basketball Net For Your Dolls

Hello. Today for your I have a tutorial on how to make a basketball net for your dolls. You will need duct tape (black or silver), scissors, old markers (all the same size) or a wooden dowel, netting material of any kind (I used an orange net), wire and cardboard.

 First push all of your old markers together.

Then use duct tape to cover the whole thing.

Next cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard (this will be your base).

Then also cover it with duct tape.

Cut out four small pieces of cardboard and cover them with duct tape.
Then attach them to the base and to the marker pole.this will hold your pole up.
If you need to you can also duct tape to the pole first around the bottom.

Next cut out a piece similar to the size of your base and cover it with duct tape except
for a small square at the bottom. 

 Then put a piece of duct tape in the middle and colour around the outside if you would like.
 Then you can attach this to the top of your marker pole with a couple strips of duct tape.

 Collect your net and wire.
 Create an circle with your wire and feed the net through. Make sure your hole is big enough for your basketball to go through.

 Cut of the bottom of the net and now your net is ready to be attached.

Use duct tape to attach the net and your basketball hoop is ready for action.