Friday, October 31, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Awesome October- Make Gum Drops

Halloween is just around the corner and so of course your dolls are going to need some candy. So today I will show you how to make some gumdrops for your dolls.
 Make a half circle shape with some clay.
 Make them in tons of different colours. Then put them in the oven for how ever long it says on the package.
 Then gather markers, white paper, a pencil, scissors and tape (not shown).
 Cut out a small portion of the paper.
 Cut a second one the same size. This will be your package.
Draw a gumdrop on the cover and write gumdrops.

Then colour it in.

 Then enter an ingredients list on the back, tape the two sides of the paper together and then the bottom of each paper.
Then fill your bags with your gumdrops and let your dolls enjoy a sweet treat!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Awesome October- Halloween Costumes

Hello. My dolls and  I are ready for Halloween which means we all have our costumes. Yay! So I have done up a little post about just that!

 Jordan's a cave woman!

 Messy hair and animal prints can make your doll a cave woman too!

  Robins a nice witch.

 A cut hat and Halloween colours can make the perfect witch costume. 

 Don't forget a cat ( pur-ferably black but any colour will do.( : )

 Bella is a princesses!
 All you need is a fancy dress and some bling! ( :
Chocolate Chip is a reindeer.

There you have it, three easy costumes! Also check out on November 1 because Mariah is starting to post again. Have fun creating some doll costumes!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Awesome October- Halloween Fun

Hi. I have been looking at some other doll blogs and have come up with some links to some fun Halloween stuff so check out these websites:    this is a tutorial on how to make a no sew witches hat.    this website shows you how to make a doll mask.  and this website tells you how to make a spooky tree.
Have a nice day!
 P.S To go to these websites copy them and put them in your search box.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Doll Find

Hey! I was shopping at Chapters one day and I was passing through the baby section and I noticed there was the cutest little hat and it was sized perfectly for dolls so of course I purchased it! So I have taken some pictures to share with you!
Bella will be our model today.

Excuse the blue thread. ( :

The Little ears on the hat are adorable.

The back view of the hat.
Bella loves the little ears too! Anna

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Awesome October: A House Tour With Decorating Ideas

Hello. Today for Awesome October I am showing you a tour of my doll room with a few Halloween decorating ideas.
Here's Bella with her new book case.

This is the sleeping area for my dolls.

Jordan is hanging up a Halloween wreath that I will show you how to make later in the week.

On the book shelf I have a mini pumpkin with a fake spider on it.

You can find these fake spider at Hobby Lobby or The Dollar Store.

Robin upstairs in the kitchen.

I cut out some black bats and stuck them on the wall for some instant Halloween flare.

Last but not least Mini Isabelle watching TV.

                                              This an over view of my doll room. Have a good night.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Awsome October- Collecting Leaves

Happy first day of October. To kick of  Awesome October I did a little photo story. Enjoy!

 Jordan was outside one day collecting leaves.

It was a beautiful fall day and Jordan was happy to be outside.
Her basket became full will a bunch of leaves.
So Jordan turned around and said to Robin "ok I've got a lot of leaves. How many did you get?" and then she see's the huge pile of leaves and say's "Wow!"

                                                  The End. Have a great first day of October!