Sunday, March 9, 2014

New American Girl Releases

In case you have not noticed American Girl has some new spring releases. Here are my thoughts.
To me this dress is really cute. The two bows are pretty cool and the colour of the dress is a nice blue. I think I might purchase this dress for my dolls.

This set looks cute too. I love how there is a holder for the eggs and it has a bunny on top.

 I really want to get this set. I love the design on the bathing suit and I defiantly want a snorkel for my dolls. ( :
This outfit is nothing I really want. I liked the skirt before but then I realized it had happy birthday written on it so it can only be worn at a birthday celebration
 I don't really want this either. The set does not really look like it is worth what you would have to pay for it.

 This coat looks really cute and I would like to purchase it. The accessories are on the pricy side but I guess for a working umbrella it might be worth the money.


 I have to admit that I really do like the chair covers. They make me want spring to come even more. The little salt and pepper shakers are cute. 

I am not going to give my thoughts on the historical characters new outfits and hair accessories because I really don't have a lot of intrest in them because I don't have any AG historical characters. I will be posting again soon.