Friday, August 21, 2015

Cerise & Cedar Clean There Dorm

Hi everyone! I am back from camp and ready to end the last month of summer with lots of fun crafts, photo shoots, and photo stories. So with out further ado here is an Ever After High photo story from the point of view of the one and the only daughter of Pinocchio, student at Ever After High and wicked awesome artist, Cedar Wood! *crowd goes wild* 
It was a beautiful morning at Ever After High and I, Cedar, was in my door room accompanied by my  spelltacular roommate Cerise Hood (daughter of Little Red Riding Hood). 
She was doing push ups and training for a upcoming track and shield meet.
She was very serious about it. She even had her pet wolf upon her back to add extra weight. It looked pretty silly to me, but then again the only sport I was involved in was speed swimming.

I got up from my bed to grab my mirror phone.

Careful to avoid bumping into Cerise and make her lose concentration.  

But I was also concentrating too hard on that and completely missed seeing my purse lying on the floor
Crash, bam, pow. I tripped, knocked into Cerise and fell straight into my desk.

While I regained my balance, Cerise tried to get her hair out of her face.

 Quickly she pulled her hood down as soon as she got up. That's the thing about Cerise, she takes the hood part of her legacy very seriously.

I looked around at the huge mess I had created. Well some of it I had created, the other part of it had been there before. "I think we need to clean our dorm" I said to Cerise.

"Hm, yes we have put it off for a while now. I guess now would be as good a time as any." Cerise replied.

So we set to work. I went to my desk first. 
"Do do, dum, la la le, singing a cleaning song." My voice screeched and  I could almost feel Cerise cringe as she ran around at lightning fast pace collecting things that were on the floor.

There that looks a little bit better, I think to my self.

 Cerise came up behind me with tons of thing towering in her arms.

And we worked together to put everything back in their original  places.
"What the heck is this?" I asked "It looks like some kind of torture device from the pioneer days." I stated.
Cerise laughed and said "That's not quite what it is, but I know just the place to store that. Be right back." 

And she ran out of the room. 

What seemed like a second later she was back with a big clear gray box.
"Tada? It's a box to put anything that we have no place for." Cerise explained.
"Perfect!" I exclaimed.

So I put the unknown, ancient object into the box.

When we had filled the box we were ready to take it away.

But Cerise  suddenly stopped and put her ear up to the box. 
"Um Cerise? What are you doing?" I questioned.

She didn't answer but instead re-opened the box. And guess who was inside, her little wolf pet.

I laughed "Oh, poor little guy we almost had him locked up in the storage room."
He didn't seem to be mad at us for long though and we continued on with our cleaning.

"What are these sandwiches doing under my bed?" Asked the puzzled Cerise.

"Oh whops, I forgot about those." I said snatching them up.

Soon we had finished and there was only one thing left to do. Return Cupids bow that she had left in our room.
"Hi Cupid." I said as we walked into her dorm.
"Oh, hi girls! Is that my bow? Thank my fairy godmother you found it! I had my whole room cleaned by the cleaning elves just to look for it." She said.
"Cleaning elves?" Both Cerise and me said together. 
The End. 

So that was super fun to make. I hope it was super fun to read. Toodles,


  1. Cute! I love how you stay true to their stories!:D

    1. Thanks. They do enjoy their fairytale lives, so I think it is important to include it. :D