Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Road Trip

Hi there, as promised I have a photo story planned for this week. 
Note: This is my 70th post, yay!

I am excited and I hope you are too! The photo story is about a road trip, thus the title. ( :
I will post a part of the story everyday starting tomorrow until Monday the 13. But I might be busy because I am going to be vacationing too so I might not get the post up until the next day. If you comment on the posts Robin or Hazel will reply (instead of me). So you better comment! That was Robin speaking, just ignore her. 
I WILL NOT BE IGNORED! I have to go Robin is ranting about not being included in the blog enough, ( :
-Anna AND Robin
(How could she forget me?!)   


  1. A road trip with your doll's personalities will be interesting. Being cooped up in the car for that many hours can't be fun.

    1. Indeed! This is my first road trip with Hazel and I hope she doesn't annoy me. ( : Just kidding

      The feeling is mutual. ;D