Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pizza is Love, Pizza is Life!

Hi everyone, I have been doing some crafting. Yay! Fun! Anyway, I made pizza. Very creative I know, ;)
I have made pizza before in many different ways, using clay and... Um and another type of clay... So this is only actually my second time but whatever. Enough of my talking. Let's see some pictures. Yay, fun! 
I did some editing on these (as you can probably tell) 

Chestnut the kitty wants a slice. 

These pictures are making me hungry. :P

Mmmmm. Jordan don't leave us waiting! Just eat the pizza!

Well too bad no more pictures and that may just be because Jordan is actually incapable of eating something without getting her whole face covered and nobody wants to see that. ;) but maybe it's just the fact that I need to go to bed and I have no more time to take pictures. You'll never know.... Du du duuuu. Drumatic, exit! Que the smoke! 

-Anna :D


  1. Aw! That pizza is so cute! I love doll food and that looks really good!:D

    1. Yes doll food can be really fun to make and use.
      -Anna :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. That means a lot. :D