Monday, June 29, 2015

My Version of The Slow Cooker Dinner Set

Hi. So as you all know on Saturday I did a post on AG's new release. And you also know that The Slow Cooker Dinner Set was on my favorites list. But with a price tag of $58 I basically have no money to buy it so... I made my own and here are the results.

It was really fun to make, but the lid was challenging and it took me two tries to get it right. I did some variations on the food, because I had it already, so it took up less time to finish.
  Robin is just waiting for me to finish the photo shoot so she can chow down. ( :
American Girl Slow Cooker Dinner Set 
Here is the actual slow cooker set from American Girl.
Do you think it is more fun to make things or buy them? 


  1. The crockpot looks so cute! I love making my own, it can be frustrating but in the end it is fun :)

    1. Thanks. I agree it can become frustrating. (: