Monday, June 1, 2015

Jordan's Adventure: Planting a Mini Garden

 So today Jordan completed her adventure! This photo story is in Jordan's perspective (she writes in blue).

 Hi everyone! Today for the first time ever I gardened. It was so fun, but tiring,
 (after this I am going to relax) ( :
 The first thing I did was hammer in two stakes at opposite ends with a string running through them. I did this so I can keep my row straight.
The row.
 Next I grabbed my garden tool to a dig long row in the ground to put my seeds in.

 I stood next to my finished row. 
Looking good, I thought.
 Then I grabbed my seed packets and opened them up.

 I took a few seeds and put them in my hand. They were so small!
I sat down and started sprinkling them in the rows.
 When I finished, I grabbed my watering can and gave each of my seeds a little drink.
 Finally it was time to cover the seeds up with dirt. So I grabbed my shovel and pushed the dirt lightly over the seeds.

 Time to water again.
 Chestnut the cat had come to cheek out my work.
 She rubbed up against my leg while I watered.
 Next the final step in my gardening adventure. 
Marking my row so I remember what I planted.
 I stood back and admired my work. That was fun I thought. Maybe I should try another adventure.
Do you think we should do another adventure some time? Please comment below.
-Anna and Jordan 


  1. Aww that looks so fun! I love the doll sized watering can :)

    1. If you want to know how to make the watering can you can look here...

  2. Hopefully Jordan's flowers will grow up to be all beautiful :) I loved how you put Chestnut the cat in there -- my cat, Emily, likes to check on me when I'm out in the garden. I definitely think Jordan should have another adventure!

    1. My cats are just like that too. They can become really annoying though. ( :

  3. So cute! I hope her garden does well. :) And yes, more adventures would be fun!
    ~Christian Homeschooler