Friday, May 29, 2015

The Hand in Hand Doll Blogger Award

Hi! Loren from Happy House of AG nominated me for the Hand in Hand Blog Award. 
 The questions were: 
How many dolls do you have?
I have 2 AG dolls and 1 OG doll.
What do you hope to do with your blog in the future?
I hope to post more often and create more themed weeks and months. I would also like to make more photo stories. 
What do you have planned for the summer?
 I plan to write more, read, camp outside, and blog. I also hope to go canoeing and also go on a family vacation.
What are your favorite songs?
 My favorite songs are... The Wrong Year by The Decemberists,  Bad Blood by Taylor Swift, and The Wolf by Mumford and Sons.
If a new AG doll came in the mail right now, what would you name her?
I would name her Hazel or Becca.

I nominate...
 Treasured Friendships With a Flair
American Girl Fan
Fun With AG Fan 

If you were nominated just answer the same questions, and nominate three more blogs.

By the way.... thank you so much Loren for nominating me for the award!

P.S Remember to comment on  Jordan's Adventure . This is your last day to do so. I am posting the results tomorrow!