Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tame Your Dolls Wild Hair

Hello. Sometimes your dolls hair gets out of control, but no need to pull out the scissors. Instead you can try these easy hair styles that almost everyone already knows. 
An ordanairy ponytail is cute, but a accessoried ponytail is even cuter. So why not add a pretty flower clip or pin?

You can pin back a dolls hair with bobby pins to create a simple, but elegant look.

A headband adds style and keeps a dolls hair out of their face.

You can add a hat to cover up any bad hair day.

Pigtail are quick and easy and always look good, no matter if your doll has long or short hair.

If you want to take your pigtails to the next level you can always braid them.

A bun is always a good choice, especially if you need a dressier look. 
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