Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Post By Jordan

Hi. Robin had a very interesting day on Friday and she wrote all about it in her diary which I (as in Jordan the doll) got a hold of and posted on here. Oops. ( :
Friday, January 31, 2014
Today was a very weird day it started off normal but... well I better just tell you. Mrs. Brown our teacher gave us a spelling test first period and I think I did well but I can't be sure till Monday when Mrs. Brown hands them out. Then we had math which was hard as it always is for me. Sigh. At recess Jordan and I got our snacks and headed outside to our usual spot under the big oak tree in the school grounds. I was just telling Jordan about this really good book I was reading when Emma, who I have never really talked to before comes up to me and says......

Sorry I have to do a cliff hanger Robin took her diary back from me before I could read it all, but I promise I will get the diary back soon and finish the rest of Robin's day for you.
 P.S Do you like Anna's new back ground?

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