Friday, January 3, 2014

A Horse Day

I took these pictures on Christmas morning when I got my doll's horse, but I never got around to using the pictures in a post. So here it is a little late but still fine. ( : On Christmas morning after the dolls opened their presents they had a blast at the Rising Star Stables.
Jordan carried the blanket and the bridal and Robin carried the brush and the saddle.

" look over there" said Robin " I think that's our horse." "Cool"! said Jordan.

Jordan walked slowly to the horse and then she set her stuff down.
 She put out her hand and she let the horse smell her. Then Jordan started petting the horse.
 Next she picked up the blanket and walked around the horse.
 Then she put the blanket on the horse.
  She put the bridal on the horse.
 "Perfect" Jordan said.
 Robin walked doubtfully up to the horse. This was her first time she had ever been this close to a real live horse. Jordan had been on a horse many times because she lived on a farm before she went to innerstarU. But Robin started to pet the horse and stated to feel more comfortable.
 Robin handed Jordan the saddle so Jordan could put it on.(Again because Jordan is experienced).

 "Done. Now we can ride her" said Jordan.( also I am unsure what gender or what name the horse has, so for now the horse is just called "the horse").
"Wait we need to brush her" Robin told Jordan. "OK, now we can go" Robin confirmed. "Can I go first"? Jordan asked "sure" Robin answered.
 Robin walked off to the side.
 Jordan put her foot in the stirrup and hoisted herself up.
 "Giddy up" Jordan exclaimed and they were off. Slowly walking a first but they made their way up to a trot.

 "OK my turn" Robin said. Jordan said "OK" and got off the horse.

 Robin needed a little help getting on the horse so they got a box for her to stand on.
 "Oops" Robin said as she fell forward onto the horse.
 "OK now I think I have got it" Robin told Jordan. "Well I'm still going to lead you" Jordan said.
 "This is fun!" Robin said. Jordan nodded her head.

Jordan stood off to the side after awhile and let Robin control the horse.

The girls had a very fun time taking turns riding the horse and are excited to come back to the stables another time. The End.

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