Monday, December 23, 2013

Robin At The Library

Robin is a big reader. She reads a 200 page book in one day. So Robin needed a new book today so she went to the library.

" I did not know that Nancy was in the book club" she said to her self as Robin looked at sign up sheet.
 "now what should I read" she thought.

Robin picked up a book called June's Dream and read the back cover.  It did not appeal to her so she put it back.

 She then picked up an issue of American Girl. She thought she had read this issue before so she put it back in place.

 She took out a book called Camp Out  from the self. She read the back and it sounded interesting and it had 300 pages so it would keep her reading for a couple of days.
 She went to the front desk and handed the librarian the book and her library card. The End.

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